What you’re worried about with meridian and facial contouring care

This is her office of wedding care skin care in Daeyeon-dong, Busan.

You worked from morning till late at night.

Thankfully, many of you and Yee-shin Yisin and I appreciate the situation.

I’m spending happy days.

There are a lot of customers who have postponed the first half of the year’s ceremony until July.

Unlike in previous years, this year’s wedding season has changed from now on.

I have a lot of inquiries and visits from Yesin.

I have a busy time.

Today, I’m going home tired after drinking my last example customer.

I’ve got a welcome message has arrived.

This priest was a March wedding and you postponed it to July 4th.

You’ve had a lot of trouble with the cancellation.

Congratulations on the successful ending of ‘Fall after hard work’.

You’ve been taking special care of your wedding since January.

You postponed the ceremony, so you stopped it in mid-February.

You’ve been here since May.

Worrying about dry skin, poor elasticity, 상동 스웨디시 double chin, clavicle line,

I was on a diet with a lot of forearms and side lines filled with decreased circulation with fluid.

The first episode will be velvet-filmed to increase absorption, moisturize, and purify the complexion by cleaning up old dead skin cells.

We’ve managed to make it work.

Only one velvet pencil went on, and now it’s moist, it’s bright, it’s soft.

It’s sentimental to see you like it.

From the second episode, I managed Maria Gallant and Aroma Stix products.

It was held 5 times from January to mid-February, and 10 times from May to the day before the ceremony.

Maria Gallang products moisturize, moisturize, improve complexion, and nourish your skin.


Aroma Stix product solves double chin, skin elasticity, and face reduction.

The fluid and circulation degradation, the sides, the inside of the forearm, and the clavicle line are controlled by massage techniques.

I raised it.

Mara Gal랑n:

Luxury esthetic spa brands that have been loved by French and European upper-class women.

Maria Gallang has been working with dermatologists for over 50 years.

It is a product that has continued research to achieve harmony between inner and outer beauty.

Mara Gallang is a good product for those interested in esthetic.

It’s well known.

Aroma Stix:

In an environment that produces the latest technology and the highest quality with 50-year-old know-how,

We’re going to get a supply of organically grown herbs directly from the farm, and then we’re going to get cooled,

used without paraffin oil

Naturalist cosmetics from a clean environment in the Austrian Alps.

It’s a high-priced esthetic product.

◆Wedding Special Management Order◆

Cleansing → exfoliating or cleaning pores → decolte → breast massage → Circular massage or facial contours management

→ Amplify → Primary Pack → Secondary Pack → Arm Massage

Wedding Care Skin Care in Daeyeon-dong, Busan In her management office

What you’re worried about with meridian and facial contouring care

Focus on clown/face reduction/face ratio symmetry.

arms, necklines, and collarbone lines that are exposed when all brides wear the dress they want.

We give you intensive care of your dress line.

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