Rather, the muscles of the body became more relaxed.

Hello~ There are a lot of people who catch a cold because of the cold weather these days, so be careful not to catch a cold and be more careful of corona! I went to my parents’ house this weekend and made kimchi! I made 300 heads of kimchi. I made a reservation at Daegu Aroma Massage Shop in advance because I thought I would get sick from making kimchi on a cold day. No matter what, my shoulders and feet are going to burst. It hurts like it hurts!

Private single room space!!

The mattress is quite soft like the topper that comes out these days, and I felt very comfortable with a pillow on my chest.

When I lie down looking at the ceiling, I feel as soft as a pillow in my house.

I was so comfortable with the care without the pressure on my chest.~~

Even a basket where you can hold your belongings~~ I could feel that you were paying attention to even the smallest details.

The mat was also heated, so I was able to get warm care.

And Martha was really an expert.~~

We’re doing it from the first scent therapy, and we’re not getting a massage, we’re in a place where it feels like we’re really in the hospital.

It intensively releases the areas where blood doesn’t flow well. And when you warm up your voice, it was good because you used cream to warm up your voice.

After taking a shower, the director gave me a simple snack, such as a warm tea. He had such a good impression that I couldn’t forget it once I saw him. The massage was really refreshing and I felt like I was trying to do one more thing, so it was a very generous care. If you’re looking for a one-person shop massage shop, I’d like to strongly recommend Sejong one-person massage shop!

Bongdeok-dong 신논현 건마 ‘Kakao’ is located near Nam-gu Office in Daegu. I brought my car, but it was possible to park for free, so I used it comfortably. There is plenty of parking space, so people who bring a car can visit comfortably without worrying about giving it to them.

Aroma Massage Shop is a Korean massage shop and is open from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m., but it’s closed when your phone is off, so you should know that!

When I get a massage, I’ll have a cup of tea, some yakgwa, and a vitamin.

Shin Nonhyeon Massage Cheongdam The Thai Gangnam Nonhyeon Branch, who takes care of your health.

I don’t usually get a lot of Thai massage, but please take care of me with proper pressure.Bonnie

It feels so comfortable that it feels like I’m getting an aroma massage, but the muscles in my body are more relaxed.~~

The shower room was very clean. I didn’t have hair and I didn’t smell anything pleasant. I think it was because you cleaned it frequently. Sejong Massage Shop has everything you need to take a shower, so it’s a great place to visit with a light heart. The towels were soft and thick, so the moisture was absorbed quickly.^^ Doesn’t it look like a hotel towel?

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