One of the important effects of massage is the formation of bonds with butlers.

effective for cat health
Massage Method

Massaging a cat’s favorite part is also important for pets and cats. This is because it not only becomes stronger through physical contact such as massage, but it can also find out if there is anything wrong with the cat’s body, such as skin diseases and edema. Therefore, a pet owner should know how to massage his cat in advance. Also, cats, unlike dogs, change their mood every moment, so they should continue to check if they send a signal to “stop” while giving a mutually agreed massage. If you touch a cat’s body without notice, you can get bitten or scratched. Anyway, wouldn’t it be good to do the part that the cat likes to do? Here’s how cats like to massage.

Sweep from the forehead to the back of the head

A cat massage is possible only when there is sufficient trust in the cat. First of all, it creates a posture so that the cat can lie down comfortably. Then it starts by stroking the area of the cat’s favorite face. Gently massage from the head to the back of the head slowly. When massaging, you must stroke in the direction of the hair and do not rub it too hard. It is the simplest way to massage a cat, so novice butlers can do it easily.

Thumbs up in the snow.
Sweep Down

It is good for cats to massage their blood just like humans. First, use your thumb to gently sweep around your eyes. At the same time, massage around the cat’s nostrils and the center of the top of the head. The “effect” of the cat’s blood is located in a concave area on both sides of the nostril, and touching the area around it is effective in sinusitis. In the blood, ‘heaven’ is in the center of the top of the head. Likewise, touching the area around the top of the head as if it were a pressure effect on fever, encephalitis, and limb muscle cramps.

Sweep from head to butt.
If it is difficult to massage only certain parts, you can also gently sweep them down along the direction of the hair from the head to the hips. Likewise, it creates a posture so that the cat can lie down comfortably. First, lightly sweep the hair, forehead, and back of the head, and then pat it on the back about 10 times. In particular, the tip of the backbone and the tip of the tail are places where important nerves pass through the cat, so massage occasionally is effective in preventing constipation and diarrhea.

Gently apply pressure to the dents in the buttocks

One of the important effects of massage is the formation of bonds with butlers. Especially in the case of stomachs and hips, some cats feel scared when touching them because they are animals’ weaknesses, Lie the cat down comfortably, then sweep it from head to hip to avoid surprise. Afterwards, if the cat doesn’t hate it, it lightly depressurizes the dent in the hip bone that connects to the tail. Dents in the hips are effective in back and hip pain, hip bruising, back leg paralysis, and stiffness.

right under one’s lips
Rubbing to the chest

Cats like to touch the area of their faces, but they should be careful because a cat with a strong sense of alert may bite them. First, massage naturally along the whiskers around your mouth. Let’s scrub the 마사지 philtrum together in this process. It is because it is effective for coughs and shocks when you are hot. Afterwards, slowly rub your fingers from the neck down to the chest. Do not force your hands under your neck or face. If you lift your head slightly while scratching the bottom of your neck, put your hand deeper and scratch it.

Gently on the belly.
Rubbing like a circle
Some cats have a fear of touching their stomachs because they have a weakness. Since the cat and its owner should not overdo it in a good mood, let’s do it within the range of the cat’s acceptance. Lie the cat down comfortably, then gently circle the stomach and rub it about five times. Massage between the neck and belly button at the center of the abdomen prevents heartburn, frustration, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It also activates the function of the colon and is effective in balancing the internal organs.

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