I really want to recommend it to you!

Hello~ 2020 is just a few hours away! Did you finish the year well? I wonder what kind of year you spent. This year, Corona has made many changes in our lives. Due to the corona crisis, social distancing has been strengthened, leading to an unusually quiet end of the year. It’s sad that the end of the year is so quiet, but I think it’s a great opportunity to focus on myself! While I wanted to give a special gift for my hard work this year, I visited the aroma massage shop in Gangbuk, which is famous on the Internet.~

Olive, which I visited, was located a minute’s walk from Exit 1 of Samyang Intersection Station in Gangbuk. I went by subway, but it was right in front of the station, so I could find it easily. If you bring your car, you can use the building’s parking lot for parking assistance, so you can visit comfortably. The business hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 a.m., so you can keep that in mind.

This is the inside of the aroma shop. It was cozy with low-light lighting. Not only the lighting, but also the furniture and the overall color are dark, so my eyes are comfortable and modern, so I felt that I was here for healing.

As soon as I came in, I disinfected my hands and measured my body temperature. After that, I filled out a list of visitors, and other staff members were disinfecting all over the shop. When the corona is extreme these days, I have to be sensitive to quarantine and cleanliness, but I was able to get a massage comfortably because I was thoroughly preventing the aroma massage shop in Gangbuk.

They gave me warm welcome, but on the day I visited, it was so windy that my body was frozen, but after drinking a cup of tea, I felt like it was melting. They gave me Louis Bose, but I think it was even better because it’s my favorite tea. I slowly drank tea and listened 강북 건마 to the program of the aroma massage shop.

There were three compositions: 80,000 won for 1 hour for general sports management, 100,000 won for B course for full body Swedish management, 150,000 won for C course for full body sports + aroma + healing therapy management 1 hour and 30 minutes. I heard that it is also famous for the Gangbuk Swedish Massage Shop, so I decided to take the B course.

I went to the dressing room to change my clothes for treatment. The locker was long vertically, so it was good to store bulky and long clothes like winter clothes. The Aroma massage shop was not stuffy because the dressing room itself was spacious. The lock is not a key, it’s a number key, so it’s really convenient not to lose the key or carry it around.

There were different sizes of maintenance suits prepared, and when I got a massage, it was comfortable for me and for me to wear bigger than usual. That’s why I always choose the biggest clothes. The maintenance suit of Gangbuk Aroma Massage Shop was well-washed, so it was neat and clean without any pleasant smell.

I feel lighter as I change from heavy winter clothes to light and clean maintenance clothes. I moved to the foot bath room to get a foot bath, but there were many seats to take a foot bath because the massage shop in Gangbuk was large. It’s a place where you can get a drink at the same time even if you come with a group of customers, so I think you can get it comfortably.

You made me feel relaxed and comfortable to drink tea. This time, Hibiscus came out. Not just one kind of tea. It was a very fresh aroma massage shop because you can drink many kinds of tea.

Even when they give me a cup of tea, they give me flowers, and I feel like I’m being treated well because they’re trying to take care of one more thing.

My feet feel much lighter after taking a leisurely foot bath. Even on the way to the maintenance center, I felt it was getting easier already. A Korean massage manager from Gangbuk came to greet me and he looked so good that I felt better even before I got a massage.

Aroma massage manager gave me a simple scalp massage. I didn’t know it was this cool. It was so cool that I couldn’t stop laughing, but the technology wasn’t unusual. I thought he didn’t have much experience because he looked young, but he looked different from then on.

They massage me from my neck to my shoulder, but my shoulders are usually very stiff because of my wrong posture and habit. When Kangbuk Aroma Massage Manager noticed it at once, he started to focus on releasing the lumps, but I thought he wouldn’t be able to get a cool massage because he didn’t get it well. It hurt a bit at first, but it hurts more and more, but it feels cool. I think this is the right expression.

He was meticulous from head to toe, but Kangbuk Massage Manager focused on the care without showing any difficulty. It was a very well-paid administrator.

After the maintenance, I moved around and it was a long time since I felt refreshed without any creaking or cracking! I felt for the first time that I could feel better without giving too much pressure at the massage shop in Gangbuk.

I came to take a shower after the maintenance, and the shower room at the aroma massage shop was very clean. Personally, I don’t like my hair, but I think they care a lot about cleaning because there’s no hair on the floor or the drain. So I was able to freshen up the cognitive shower.

There were skincare products and hair combs, and they were all necessary items. Even if you suddenly come to get a massage, I like the Gangbuk massage shop because it’s well-prepared so you can get it comfortably without panic!

After taking a refreshing shower, he asked me if I received it well and gave me a cup of tea. Maybe it’s because it’s warm, but I feel comfortable inside and calm. I feel like I’m healing both my body and mind at the aroma massage shop.

If you’re looking for a massage, how about the Gangbuk Aroma massage shop I visited this time? I really want to recommend it to you!

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