You can get a job at a daycare center.

Many students are in school and department.

I’m sure you’re thinking about it.

In times like these, it’s a job depression.

You know, choosing the job you want and working.

It’s not an easy world.

The more you do that, the more you put on the first button.

This choice is more important.

It’s very helpful to be careful.

I think it’s going to work.

It’s just famous, it’s sexual.

You don’t choose the right place to go.

Being good and having fun for yourself is a good thing.

What it is, and in what way the school is going to be.

I don’t know if you’re thinking about your students.

We’re going to look at the curriculum.

The department of child care at Kyungmin University

To many students, attention and love

among the promising departments in one body

It’s one of them.

After obtaining the second grade of nursery school teacher,

Taking care of the lovely children.

It’s one of the main tasks.

Of course, just like you think.

It’s not easy.

But from the beginning,

through a good faculty

A solid curriculum.

If you learn from a clear practice,

I think we can move a little 마사지구인 bit more wisely.

I’m most interested in it.

I think I’m getting a job.

The biggest advantage in this area is,

Most of the students who apply to national and public daycare centers.

It’s the fact that you can get a job.

In this day and age,

As long as you want a solid job,

It has a big impact from the start, right?

Students, if you work hard in class,

It’s possible.

Same as the four-year-old.

I’m going to be a second-class nursery school teacher.

Special/disabled children’s education certificate.

It’s possible, so we’re going to be able to do it’s

You can have two.

Basically, a lot of the students are here.

I choose a nursery school teacher,

You can move in a different direction.

I’m offering you an opportunity.

Reading instructors and child care departments.

related to children, such as child publishing.

employment in many occupational groups

The fact that it’s possible!

One of the things I’m worried about is,

I got a second-class nursery teacher.

If the road doesn’t fit me,

What should I do then?

You’ll think about it a lot.

Not to mention the above related jobs.

Get a four-year bachelor’s degree through an advanced course.

Sungkyunkwan University, which is called Seoul’s top universities,

Kyung Hee University, Chung-Ang University, Konkuk University, Hanyang University, etc.

You can also go to graduate school.

In fact, a lot of students have to learn.

I’m proving it by passing the examination.

That’s why I’m not sure if you’re a student

It doesn’t fit me after school.

The idea that you might regret…

You don’t have to do it.

There’s more choice than you think.

Because it’s wide enough, it’s in a different direction.

We can move on.

the largest number of students

In the case of a career nursery school teacher,

Firm in Northern Gyeonggi-do and Uijeongbu-

Because the network is well-founded.

After acquiring a second degree nursery teacher, the field practice was done.

Of course, stable employment.

They say it’s possible.

○ Revised Nuri program and play-oriented

I’ll learn the curriculum, I’ll take the agenda,

Various community activities, such as forums, etc.

I’m also working hard.

I’m sure he’s got industry-academic cooperation.

We have a family company, so we’re going to have a field trip.

We can actually strengthen our abilities through that.

And when you get to work, you don’t have much trouble.

I’m used to it, so many of my graduates

She’s a nursery school teacher at various daycare centers.

I’m working.

You can get a second-class nursery teacher.

through these parts, they are linked to employment.

It’s quite a case.

Kyungmin University also has a scholarship system.

It’s quite well-equipped.

That’s what parents think.

How big it’s coming.

Maybe the students don’t know yet.

I think so.

There are 30 different scholarship systems.

more than half of the students

I’m getting over 50 percent.

No matter how hard you study,

You can get good grades, but you can get good grades.

If the benefits are small, it’s like picking stars in the sky.

It’s a difficult path because it’s low probability.

It’s probably because the economy is very difficult these days.

It could be a way to be a good son.

After all, all this money is for the students.

Because it’s written, it’s got a lot of good institutions.

You can get a lot of benefits.

It’s a story, right?

I’m going to tell you know.

How much you think and what kind of system or benefits you have.

How to Look at the Curriculum to make a good choice

It can be seen as a school that fits.

If you want this kind of solid support,

The job opportunity is full of merit.

Recent non-face-to-face education

After being selected for the emergency support project,

winning three to four gold medals.

It’s a great achievement.

Self-convention in the existing Department of Education

He received the highest rating for his innovation support project.

In a project to support innovation in a backward direction,

the only one in the metropolitan area

It’s been newly selected.

Finally, social-tailored industry-academic cooperation

In the project to foster LINC+, a leading university,

I got the highest rating.

a surprising A-list for sure

Kyungmin University is really good because it’s my grade!

And the department of child care in 2017

In the evaluation of teachers’ training institutions,

I got the best A grade.

School, department, whatever.

There’s no place that’s not great, is there?

It’s a virus that can’t be separated from the coronavirus.

We can’t help but look at how to respond.

Basically, the online educational environment.

I’m running it.

G-Class 및 LMS

through the learning management system

I’m going to make quality videos.

Utilizing the Visual Education System

He’s as proud of his lectures as he is of course.

The high satisfaction level of the students

I’m getting it.

Of course, students who want to take face-to-face classes.

Immersion education through thorough disinfection and disinfection

We’re working on it, so don’t worry.

I think I can do it.

All the students in the school had to do it.

They even distribute the Corona kit.

How much do you want to do for your students in this area.

I don’t know if it’s going to work.

I think I can get a peek.


Jinro Batting to Kyungmin University

I wonder if you’d like to make a choice.

Have a nice cold winter and warm spring.

I hope you have a happy new year.

I’m going to step back.

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