Depending on who’s doing it, depending on who’s taking care of the lease.

That’s ridiculous.

Then everybody’s gonna take over and sell. Who’s gonna return?

But would you believe it if, in fact, a lot of customers told me that they return almost all of my car when they’re canceling their imported car leases? It’s real. I return it like a machine. Like you’re possessed.

So did he.

Mercedes-Benz e300, 4 meters, Accruous 17 years, 65,000 kilometers.

So did the young boss who lives in Chungju. But when I tried to return the lease, it was such a waste. So I checked if there was any other way, and he wasn’t just going to return it…

Why don’t we take it over and sell it? I was thinking.

Isn’t that obvious? The purpose of the lease cancellation is not to return it. Isn’t it about how I can organize it well and how it costs less?

Meet me in Chungju, Mercedes-Benz e300 Imported Used Car

What is the difference in the settlement of the return of the operating lease of nh Capital?

It’s complicated.

Taking over the lease by 88카 organizing it,

What the hell is this for regular customers? Just by looking at the documents, you will get a headache. But there’s nothing much to worry about. I just need two documents. What?

Lease Mediation Settlement Return Condition

Lease Mediation Settlement Acceptance Conditions.

I’ll contact Lyssa and get these two documents. Well, then we can figure out what to do.

Don’t think it’s hard.

The final amount in the statement is the settlement amount.

To return it to Lyssa… Pay 6.1 million won.

To make an argument… Pay 37.5 million won and take over.

Is it hard? It’s not hard, is it? So far? …

Don’t you think we’re going to take over and sell it? So we need to know about cars, right? Then I need to know how much the car will cost in retail, right? So don’t you guess how much I can get when I take over and sell imported used cars? Shall we look at the car first?

■ What about Chungju Benz e300?

July 16 registered 17 model year w213 new model

Silver Model with e300 4m Exclusive Panoramic Sunroof

Non-smoking with an accident-free driving distance of 65,000 km

New Vehicle Warranty Expired… Mercedes-Benz One Motors officially shipped…

Meet a real customer.

I ran a test drive on a Mercedes-Benz 300 vehicle myself. The condition of the vehicle was very flawless. He’s already been on a lot of imported cars, so he took good care of them. It’s non-smoking, so the inside of the vehicle was pretty plausible… Usually it’s a vehicle inspection, and it’s subtracted from one thing or another. Especially the memory I’ve lost.

I’ve changed all four pairs of tires, and I’ve got the finest tires in Korea.

Not too long ago, I had all the car inspections at Wonju Benz service. It wasn’t much to be touched…

With the aim of camping as children grow up,

Audi Q7 has been re-released as a new car operating lease for 100 million won.

As a result, Mercedes-Benz E-Class was leased and sold as imported used cars. It was nice to meet you and the coffee that you gave me warmly was very delicious because you had a hard time coming all the way to me.

Once we’ve checked the status of the vehicle…

We have to infer how much this car will sell at retail prices.

The easiest way is to check the retail price of the same car in the open market for imported used cars such as SK Enka. I checked the retail price, and you can say that 45 million won is sold based on no accident.

What’s the acquisition price? 37.5 million won

Imported used cars, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and used cars are priced at 45.5 million won.

If you deduct it, it will be about 8 million won. Can I give you this amount?

You’re not, is it?

Out of this 8 million won… Should I deduct the cost margin that I have to go in after I get the acquisition from the trading company? If you give me the minimum amount… It’s about two million won. I will say that the remaining 6 million won will be paid to the customer… The payment will be made as soon as the vehicle is taken over. Of course you’re going to write a contract.

Based on the retail prices of imported used cars of Mercedes-Benz E-Class,

The amount paid to the customer excluding incidental expenses shall be 600 won.

Mid-term lease termination amount? 6 million won

What is the sales amount of the acquisition dealership of the operating lease termination? 6 million won?

It’s not about organizing.

It’s in my favor to organize things well.

I’ll have to think about it for a long time.

You should actually call him.

See if it’s right for you to pay for this. Chungju Benz E300 imported used car customers didn’t believe it at first… After a couple of times, and then you go and check on him, and then you take over, and you put the money in your bank account…

Chungju Benz e300 to take over Unyoris mid-term.

The road to imported used car customers isn’t that far.

Chungju, North Chungcheong Province. I thought it would be far. Well, it took me an hour and a half to get there. I finished my work and I took over the car and went back to the office. It’s about 2:30.

Of course, lunch at the Yeoju Shelter.

I’m asking you to make ends meet. I had some delicious tuna kimchi fried rice.

Actually, I travel all over the country on a business trip because of lease.

The only place that is most convenient and easiest to eat is the rest stop.

It’s not easy to get to the gas station bathroom anywhere these days. It’s only natural to find the most comfortable and reliable resting place.

The same goes for leasing.

The lease arrangement method that you think is too obvious is not the answer.

What’s the answer? Are you good at organizing leases? I’m not returning the lease.

What does it mean to be good at organizing Reese? Yes. Aren’t I going to spend less money and dispose of the car without a problem?
I’m not sure how to arrange the lease.

600 bowls of tuna kimchi fried rice. No, there’s a 1200 bowl difference.

Three meals a day, 400 days a year, that’s what it’s worth. Why the hell? Why are you still making a lot of returns?
When we terminate the operating lease,

I’ll consider taking over and selling as much as returning it.

I’m not kidding.

If you try to settle the account, there’s a difference like this.

The bigger the car and the more expensive it is, the more… And if it’s an unpopular car, it gets worse… More like a new car.I guess it’s just that. Don’t think about it. Just check it out.

Now, don’t think it’s hard.

If I’m in the middle of terminating Reese…

Apply for the documents below.

Just give it to lease company if you apply.

Call the representative number. The names may be a little different, but I’ll give it to you if you ask for it. Fax or e-mail. You can get it in five minutes.

Are you watching this?

Don’t you know? Then don’t hesitate to knock on the door of Siyuka.

CYUKA is a company that specializes in the leasing or renting of imported used and imported cars, and has been digging Korean beef for 15 years. At least I’ll guide you to the benefit of selling the underwriting dealership that you’ve found difficult.

Now. I won’t talk longer.

There’s a difference in the amount of money, as little as a million won, as much as a thousand won, depending on whether you’re in counseling or not.You end up paying for the expenses you can spend more by misguided methods. Don’t forget…

Lastly, I would like to thank the Mercedes-Benz, e300 imported used car lease middle-of-the-road sale customer who I met in Chungju, and your vehicle is well acquired and commercialized, and I will try to deliver it to a good person at a good price.

I’m going to write and guide you through this blog that you’re looking at.

See Yuka, see Yuka TV,

Purchase and sale of imported used cars in Korea

Used car lease of imported used car in Korea

Lease (operations, finance), taking over Lant’s termination

With the full payment succession and the third party succession (specialized entrustment)

It’s a company that’s been on the road for 14 years.

In particular, it specializes in imported cars.

The lease of imported used cars and large domestic cars is too common.

Too many businesses have told me they’re professionals.

Actually, it doesn’t look that different.


How much experience do you have? And how exactly did you get to Reese?

I don’t think it’s important to deal with it.

Depending on who’s doing it, depending on who’s taking care of the lease.

It’s millions of won. There’s a ten million won difference.

There are so many people who have the same concerns as you.

Hundreds of people a month, consulting and trading.

I recommend Seyuka TV to you.

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