Cinema Paradise Wine Park Casual atmosphere is fine.

I went to a good place to drink Busan wine in a casual atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a place to visit these days when there’s a lot of people enjoying wine,
There is a wine bar at Pusan National University that you can enjoy at a low cost of 5,000 won per person.

Wine outlet on the first floor, wine bar on the second floor, cinema parada.It’s called ‘Is’.

Just after 5 p.m., I arrived at a good place to drink Busan wine.
On the first floor, there’s a warehouse-type wine outlet on the first floor, which was built by remodeling the old dyeing plant.
Wine Park and Cinema Parada run by a restaurant on the second floor.This is Is.

When you open the door and walk 셔츠룸 inside, you’ll find a man selling wine.
There’s a warehouse-type outlet store in Cabo, Spain, Moscato, Italy.
It attracts various kinds of sparkling wine such as Germany’s Riesling, to white and red.

France and the United States, usually sold in department stores or Costco.
Unlike wines, products that are imported and sold directly by different countries,

Some of them are somewhat pricey, such as Olivier Havos and Jigongdas.but
The price range of various kinds of Busan wine park starts at around 10,000 won.
It’s a relatively low price like an outlet with 20,000 to 30,000 won.

Even those who don’t know much about wine have a kind mistress.
If you talk about your taste, you recommend it to me, so it’s a good price to enjoy without any burden.

Buy wine, walk up the stairs on the second floor, and at the entrance,
The heavy iron gate was a little difficult to open alone.

It’s a space made by remodeling the factory, so they use the old entrance as it is.

Cinema Paradise

It was my first visit, and I didn’t buy one at the wine park. I prepared a champagne.
When I came inside, the movie was screened with subtitles in the dim space.

Cinema Paradise The spacious space is a little past 5 p.m.
It was early, so there were few people, so I just had to sit where I wanted to sit.

Busan Wine Pusan National University Wine Bar Cinema ParadaIs Colchage isn’t a hospital.
It’s 5,000 won per person, and I thought it would be great to drink as much as I want.

The menu includes grapefruit, fruit, cheese plate, pizza,
Gambas Al-Haio, Shrimp Oil Pasta, Spicy Cream Pasta, Side Menu:
Strawberry mascarpone, basil pesto, mashed potatoes, etc. are suitable menus.

You can take the wine from the wine park on the first floor.
It’s a casual atmosphere where you can order other alcoholic beverages such as beer or whiskey.

There’s a table with a bunch of people.
There’s a movie on the screen that you don’t even know.

The white round plate with the blue letters “Cinema Paradise” on it,
The side menu I ordered with pizza, basil pasto mashed potatoes first.

Potatoes with fragrant basil pesto sauce were savory and delicious.

First guest, a little olive oil.
Thank you for the free Ciabatta bread.

Nice service with an ice bucket.
I had a nice cup of champagne.

I’ll have a glass of champagne and wait for a while, and I’ll have some mushrooms, bacon, olives,
The signature pizza of tomato sauce base with mascarpone cream topping came out.

Even the sense of adding halapino peppers.
It’s not a pizza restaurant, but it tasted good.

The movie was flowing and I enjoyed a glass of champagne slowly.

As time goes by slowly, young women begin to take over.
Busan University Wine Bar Cinemaparada, which is good for drinking Busan wine.This is a panoramic view of Ish.

You know, in a casual atmosphere, watching movies, enjoying wine,
Busan Wine Pusan National University Wine Bar Cinema ParadaI enjoyed it with pleasure.

If you like wine, you can stop by Cinema Paradise with the wine park.

Busan Wine Pusan National University Wine Bar Cinema ParadaIs this wine park. Casual atmosphere is good.

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