The kids are following you, keeping your manners, and getting better and better and better and better.

The first contestant is Mickey Hwang!

I was too busy to exercise, but he said he wanted to play in the game three weeks before the game. I participated in the competition after receiving special training from the bantamweight champion director for 3 weeks.

Sang Il worked out for a long time. He has competitive experience, and the jiujitsu belt is a blue belt!

Just looking at it makes me nervous.

I’m sure those of you with experience in the competition will understand the situation. I’m nervous, but in my head, I’m thinking about what to do…

I’m nervous just looking at it.

Champ is warming up himself.~

I didn’t use all my energy to warm up by practicing lightly what I’ve done so far!

We’re on our way to the battlefield after the warm-up.

Kim Champ who gives advice without hesitation!

That’s very trustworthy.


Finally, the game starts!

It was a game after a long time, and I was nervous, so I felt a little stiff, but I was good compared to the preparation period, and I was able to win by being more active in batting and attacking.

The main scene!

He solved the game well with a left-handed jab, a punch using a left-footed middle kick, and a kick combination.

The first player wins!

You’re a good starter. I think the next contestant will do well with confidence.

Fighter Mickey Hwang, please show your support and attention.~
If you want to learn sports with the goal of becoming a player, please tell the instructors!
Today is Wednesday! I tried to capture the morning exercise that we had a submission class.
I can’t take pictures when my friend is around. I don’t have a lot of questions. When no one is asking, I take pictures of my workout and upload them and upload them.~
It’s nice to see the recent A.M.s. are full of energy.
I went to a submission class on the mount today, and I’m practicing reverse amba on the bridge on the mount.
Good posture.
I’m gonna burn all the calories from sparring.
Oh, I can feel it. Enthusiastic passion.
Watch out for injuries. Safety is always the best.
I like our energetic A.M. guys.
If you sweat this hard, you can eat everything you want for lunch.
I’m not going to gain weight.

You always do your best in class, and you always do your best in class.
I can enjoy jiu jitsu with my team members!
Thank you~
Are you looking for Jujitsu Academy with good cost-effectiveness?

There is Jujitsu Mixed Martial Arts Academy.
There is a children’s class that specializes in teaching elementary school students from the age of 7.
Of course, the cost-effectiveness is good, but I like the instructor and the teacher.
Parents trust and have children.

Jiu-Jitsu kickboxing is very cost-effective.
First of all, the instructor controls the children well.

By using good programs, children’s physical strength has improved and most of all, they have become diligent.
The kids are following you, keeping your manners, and getting better and 주짓수 better and better and better.
The training program basically puts children’s jiujitsu first.
On top of that, I carefully selected the best skills of martial arts such as kickboxing, boxing, and judo and put them in the program.
It’s mixed martial arts for children.

We teach jiu jitsu kickboxing boxing for elementary school students.
A timid and introverted child becomes a powerful and energetic child.

First of all, you will have excellent self-defense ability to protect yourself.
The child, who had no self-esteem and had no power in his voice, began to attract people’s attention by making a loud voice.
Good manners are made through each child’s behavior and martial arts. Jujitsu Gymnasium
Let’s take a look at the timetable.
This is the class that children in the lower grades who are 7 years old and 3rd grade in elementary school like.
Even the seniors in elementary school participate a lot.
The contents of the class are applied slightly differently by grade.
This is a class that comes a lot in the evening after finishing the academy.
Teenagers and elementary school students participate in the class together.
Mom can attend the entire class before enrolling in the academy.
If you come, you can sit comfortably on the floor of the stamp and watch the children’s class.
Many parents are watching their children exercise until the end of class.
Jiu-Jitsu has been following well since he was 7 years old. Reliable Jiu-Jitsu Gymnasium
Children like it, but especially since the mother watches the child’s class scene and claps and cheers for him, the children are more excited and train hard.

It’s good for children with jiu-jitsu, who make up and break opponents. You’ll get smarter. Jiu-Jitsu to develop social skills
Defeating an opponent is the most difficult skill among martial arts.

It is very scientific because exercise is supposed to overpower the opponent with the principle of leverage.
He’s getting smarter.
If my baby is distracted, I highly recommend Jiu-Jitsu kickboxing.

a disobedient child
a grumpy or whining child
a hot-tempered child
She doesn’t listen to her mother.
We’ll solve all these problems at once.

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