Save 20 bucks and buy 2 more Nike T-shirts!

Today, California, USA.

If you come on a trip to Los Angeles,

I go shopping often.

Gucci/Prada/Burberry, etc.

at a huge discount

Luxury shopping-friendly

I’ll tell you about the L.A. outlet.

This bag doesn’t cost a thousand dollars.


Desert Hill Premium Outlet

L.A. has several outlet stores.

One of them is a famous big mall.

Camarillo, Citadel, Desert Hill.

But Citadel, Camarillo,

There are no luxury stores.

Paju Outlet, Yeoju Outlet in Korea

They’re from Simon Group.

As far as I know, more than Korean outlets,

It will be cheap and there will be more kinds.

If you’re traveling and traveling,

We’re going sightseeing, we’re going to get a 60-70% discount on luxury goods.

If you want to get it, I recommend you to go here.

It’s in Cabazone, a little far from L.A.

It’s far away. I don’t need a discount.If you do~

Rodeo Drive Luxury Shopping Go.

I’m having a party at McDonald’s.

If you’re going to drive, on the way,

There are some good places to eat.

I’ll be fine after breakfast at the hotel.

Or you can stop by the restaurant and fill your stomach!

It’s an outdoor store.

Please bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and water.

Almani Store


48400 Seminole Dr
48400 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230 미국

Direct driving, public transportation, lift

The way to go is to write at the end.

At the Desert Hill outlet,

a sports brand


North Face and so on.

Calvin Klein/Footlet/Diesel/

Levi / Paul Smith / Pandora

There are 180 stores like that.

Major Luxury Brands

Gucci ♥ Prada ♥ Ferregamo ♥


Christian Louboutin♥Monclair♥Valenciaga

Besides the ones I posted on the photo, the luxury brands are…

Saint Laurent, Almani, Jimmy Choo, Bottega Veneta.

Dolce and Gabbana, Hermenezil, Jenna, and so on.

There are. There are too many. ><

Today’s posting…

The blog editor must be broken.

The comments keep overlapping.crying

It’s not fixed. Haha

When I go shopping, I start with Gucci and Prada stores.

Look around. Sometimes there’s a line.

It takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Gucci canvas bag is about $300.

Leather bags vary in size/design.

I think it’s about $500 to $900.

Of course, there’s a little over a thousand dollars.

Gucci Belt

Gucci belt $320 or something.

Boyfriend bought it for 150 dollars.

Men wear wallets/belts/ties in Gucci

A lot of people bought it’s

Gucci tie doesn’t cost 100,000 won.

It looks like this. Map.

There’s Saint Laurent next to Gucci.

There’s a food court and a bathroom next to it.

Make sure to buy a sneaker T-shirt from Nike!

Running shoes airmax price less than $100-

T-Shirt, $9.99 for the trip.

It’s good for random wear and gifts.😁

Gucci and Burberry are close.

Let’s go with Burberry.

I usually buy a lot of clothes for Burberry.

You know, sometimes over $1,000 here is a discount.

You can get it at a 30% discount.


There’s a lot of nice trench coats.

Burberry coat that I bought at 70% discount last time.

This Burberry store, I personally think,

Women’s clothes are prettier in coats than T-shirts.

The disadvantage of being more expensive…)

Besides this, I bought my mom’s padded jacket.

I’ll apply the discount to the discount.

I bought it at $550.00 for $1400.

Burberry’s men’s shirt is about $90-120

Burberry’s men’s shirt,

I think there’s a lot of pretty t-shirts.♥

Don’t be a big fan of ver-ver-re-check prints.

Pretty T-shirt with a brand that doesn’t show.

You know what I mean, right?

The weather is good.

Let’s go to Prada now.

Prada seems to be the most popular.

There’s a Miu Miu bag in Prada, a wallet.

There is.

© Desert Hills Premium Outlet


There’s Prada Kids.

It’s so cute.

Kids sneakers $150~

I think you’re doing it.

I really need it.

Prada sneakers here.

$600, like 60%.

I bought it for about 230 dollars.


Put the box like this. It’s the final sale.

Oh, those who come to LA from Korea.

I’m gonna need you to come light with a suitcase.

L.A. will buy a suitcase.

When you get back from shopping here,

I heard you’re going to fill up two suitcases.

to really get around here If you look at it,

Tumina Samsonite at the Outlet

I bought a suitcase.

Put all your shopping bags in your carrier.

They were walking around.

Enna culture shock.

Put the box in like this, too.

Oh, those who come to LA from Korea.

I’m gonna need you to come light with a suitcase.

L.A. will buy a suitcase.

When you get back from shopping here,

I heard you’re going to fill up two suitcases.

to really get around here If you look at it,

Tumina Samsonite at the Outlet

I bought a suitcase.

Put all your shopping bags in your carrier.

They were walking around.

You’re a wise shopper.

Like this. Like this.

I don’t like the way I dress here, so I’m just looking around.

across from the Dolce.

The Cosmetic Company Store

Here’s Estee Lauder, Origin,

Clinic, Bobby Brown.

They sell these cosmetics cheaply.

If you’re a woman, you know Estee Lauder’s brown bottle?

But don’t buy it here. Just buy the colors.

Brown bottle L.A. Airport duty-free shop is cheaper.

It’s about $250 for two 100ml. (Tax-free there)

50ml bottle of duty-free shop in Korea.

L.A. duty-free shops are 100ml bottles!

There are also two 100ml bottles of Lancome Jenny Peak.

This is a picture of me before Corona.

There’s TUMI too.

Carriers, go?

Tag Hoyer’s guys.

If you like watches, look around. It’s so good.

I saw a pretty man’s watch. Was it Carrera?

I really need it.

across from Taghoyer.

Fendi, Bottega Veneta,

Alexander McQueen, Valentino.

There’s one.

Take a look around the North Face.

This side is roughly like this.

As you walk,

Burberry, come back out.

Michael Kores is on the show.

Go into Michael Cores Alley.

Low and medium-priced

Coach, watch Michael Cores.

(Small Wallet or Crossback Below $100)

Ferregamo, Moncler, Brightling.

Hermenezildo Zenya, etc.

There’s a brand.

Ferregamo is similar to other luxury brands.

I think it’s about 60% of the price.

Ferregamo Gained Item

I bought shoes, but I don’t remember how much they cost.

It was about $430…

Take a look at Peregamo.

I have to go see the sunglasses.

I see Victoria’s Secret underwear.

The Second World Opens Again

Cross the street, take this escalator,

If you go up there, the stores will be…

It’s coming out again.

It’s endless shopping.

Shopping is usually done all day.

Escalator when you’re thirsty

As soon as I got up there, I was at Starbucks.

Recharge your caffeine.

Look at the boss’s headphones.

For Korean gifts in Roxitane

You buy hand cream.

(Oh, Roxitane’s at the LA airport duty-free shop.)

If you don’t do it separately, the duty-free shop…

I think it’s better to live)

I need to buy Lululemon leggings.

Socks Fifth Avenue / Solstice

Solstice also sells sunglasses.

I bought it at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Sacks 5th Street, department store.

They sell everything. Bags, clothes, shoes.

Saint Laurent, foot net sunglasses.

I bought it for $99.

I went to a department store in Korea.

Foot net sunglasses, everything.

It was over 400,000 won. That’s a 75% discount.

Victoria’s Secret, Diesel, Jeans.

Ugg shoes, Lululemon leggings.

I think you’ll like this much.

Neeman Marcus Last Call.

Well, that’s Saks Fifth Avenue.

It looks like they’re selling something similar.

I don’t have much to live for.

If you’d like to see my 레플리카 post and go…


In L.A. Town,

Or in L.A. Hanin Town,

See how to get to the outlet.~

If you’re driving in a car,

Naviki, take Highway 10…

Keep going. Go to the east.

It takes about an hour and a half by 10 East.

(Based on Downtown Sheraton Grand Hotel)

I don’t have anyone who wants to take public transportation

I’ve seen a travel agent at an outlet

We’re going to get you picked up at the hotel and back and forth.

There was a bus.

But that’s the Uber/Lift Taxi app.

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