Let’s find out more interesting away points

UEFA Champions League away on the principle of multiple points

I’m trying to find out about it.

Champions League qualifiers and final tournaments 1 and 2

I watched the game and the result of the game

You’ve seen them come out sometimes.

But, I can tell you a little bit

You weren’t there when you were confused?

So today’s Champions League game

I’m going to give you an example

I’m trying to explain!

The principle of multiple goals is that

In the HOME & AWAY game, which will be held in the first and second games

It’s a rule used.

Use to determine the results by the total score of two games.

The combined results of the scores of the two games are as follows:

In case you’re not going to score more points

One team will take the victory.
In the Champions League, the round of 16 tournament match

HOME & AWAY In the second edition,

We set the game together,

Next up is a multi-scoring away, extra time and a penalty shoot-out

We decide the game. We’ll have to go to the first and second

If you’re going to score the same score

The away goal comes first.

If this is the same, we’ll go into overtime,

In extra time, both teams scored the same goal

If the number of points changes, here’s the away side

Multi-scoring is applied.

This rule is that the team that plays the second game at home

It’s a little bit of a advantage.

UEFA applies both to regular time and overtime.

After the first and second regular hours,

If the goal difference is the same, the goal is scored

and decide the game.

If the regular hours of the first and second games are over and the score is the same

We’re going into overtime.

In overtime, we’re going to use the principle of

We’ll give each other the same number in overtime

Even if you get it, the away team will win.

One of the reasons for introducing the principle of multiple goals on the expedition is

It’s hard to play away, and the home game is

It’s a simple game in away games because it’s advantageous

defensively and loosely

It prevents you from doing it.

in the away game, and in the favor of scoring

I introduced it to make it aggressive.

Moreover, in order not to play the penalty shoot-out

It’s a kind of made.

Former FIFA president Jet Blutter says penalty shootout

I’ve never said enough to lose the nature of football,

The 11m Russian roulette is the match

It is simply determined and it leaves a pity

I made the principle of multiple goals on the expedition.

In 2019, Tottenham will play Manchester City in the quarterfinals

1-0 win at home in Game 1, away from Game 2

The total score was equal to 4-4 in the 3-4 loss.

However, Tottenham have scored three goals in the away game

I made it to the quarter-finals with all the away points.

Etletico Madrid have played Liverpool in their home games

1-0 to win, and then we’ll be in the away game

Finishes regular time with 0-1, total score

We’re going to go 1-1 in overtime.

In overtime, Roberto Firminou was the first goal

2 Yorente and 1 Morata within 0-2 lead

We’re 3-2 ahead.

The result of the match was 4-2, which AT Madrid won.

In this case, Liverpool will be 1-2 to play the second leg

Even if he won, he’d have to go through the road

It was a case of winning.

Still, AT Madrid scored more goals

We took 스포츠중계 the victory.

Juventus have played Lyon in the first leg away match

It was 0-1, and 2-1 at home in Game 2

We’ve won the game, the total score is the same,

Lyon scored one goal in the away game

Lyon made it to the quarterfinals with multiple points.

Today, I’m going to be able to get a chance

I’ve been looking into it!

Did you help?!

And then there’s the more useful and fun

I’ll see you in content

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