I’ll make sure you get a smart job with the common people

As the chartering crisis deepens and the rent rises,

I need a lot of rent.

As a result, it is burdensome for ordinary people to rent apartments in Seoul.

If you are a homeless person, you will find out the long-term chartered housing supplied by SH Corporation

There are many people, but the advantage of long-term chartered houses is that they are cheaper than the surrounding market.

And it can be renewed every two years, and it can live up to the longest.

Every year, the deposit is raised within the surrounding market

These days, there are cases where you’re suspended for corona

I can pay it in accordance with the installment payment.

Even if you win a long-term charter,

There are many people who know the funds.

You should use it as a housing finance corporation or Seoul Guarantee

If you’re not sure of a housing city guarantee, you don’t need a lease return guarantee!

In the case of the Korea Housing Finance Corporation,

In the case of insufficient, the limit is limited. Seoul Guarantee is estimated as estimated income.

Because it is possible, housewives freelancers and individual operators are more likely to be in the limit.

And the ratio itself is high because it can even make the maximum deposit.

I also make long-term deposit loans with Seoul Guarantee in my life

The advantages start at the lowest standard, even though it is fixed interest rates.

Because it is possible to deposit deposits,

There may be a difference, so it may be possible to raise extra funds.

In the case of residents in Gangdong Rivers complex, the total deposit is

The amount you applied for is .

Because you have already paid the down payment,

It’s a payment. The customer, he’s at work, but he’s not gonna be able to

Because you do not have income data,

I tried, but you called me more than I thought 폰테크 because it was not enough

You have a good credit score, and you have a limit because you estimate the card

I proceeded with it, but at that time, I made it a fixed rate!

I have a long-term rental

Recently, the Magog charter price has been selected, so it is more sloppy than the surrounding market price.

I’ve set a limit on his case, so I’ve made progress.

The customer has not yet started the business and has not reported his income

So, I proceeded with the estimated income of Seoul Guarantee.

However, if the credit score is low, the limit can be reduced when receiving long-term charter loans

Even if it’s a lot of financial hardship, it’s supported by the country.
If you use the various products you are giving,

You can get through it more leisurely and wisely.

in a difficult situation of his own, he is strong and relaxed
Please resolve the hardships with your heart

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