It has the setting of appearing in the badminton world as an emerging powerhouse while playing a game that sparks a desire to win.

Rackett Boys, who dream of becoming an idol in the badminton world, is a youth sports challenger.
Real growth webhard of sixteen boys and girls in rural areas of the end of the land.

Webhard’s classic of sports is the final game.
Basketball was a sensational hit with Webhard, a story of love and friendship.
It’s a bit too much to carry a long breath of play with just one sport, so you bring in a different genre.
The stove league, which recently ended in popularity, is also a baseball story.
It captures the story of people behind the ballpark.
Usually, I only know players playing baseball on the field, but I don’t know the story behind the field.
So the story of an unknown world is interesting to the public.
It has shown an example that sports webhard can also succeed.
If anyone who doesn’t know any baseball has enjoyed watching the webhard, I think the game is over.

Rackett Boys is also a webhard created with a new sports material called badminton.
I think it’s a fresh topic because there’s no case of making a webhard based on badminton on TV Webhard.
I was wondering what cute stories would come out when I heard that teenagers would appear there.
In the beginning of the first episode, the main character Yoon Hae-gang and his father Yoon Hyun-jong move to a new place out of the current place.
The story begins in earnest. In the beginning, however, Yoon Hyun-jong and his family’s journey to Haenam, a new place, was completed.
It was described as rather tedious. I understand the intentions of these families to show the current situation, but it has needed to be scaled back.
Rather, the story of urban people who went down to Haenam and lived in unfamiliar countryside came to me more interestingly.
However, it reminded me of the movie, Teacher Kim Bong-du, and the story of Seoulites living in the countryside was not fresh.
The main character, Yoon Hae-jong, used to play baseball, but he couldn’t do it when he moved.
But it turns out he was a badminton genius, and why he quit hasn’t been announced.
So I play badminton again simply because of my desire to win.
The structure of continuing to compete and entering the racquet boys seemed unnatural.
In the second episode, the female athletes enter the house where the racquet boys live, bringing all the characters together.
In it, it is used as a mechanism to facilitate conflict structures and love lines.
Also, it seems like everything will unfold in here, including friendship of friends and family stories.
But why did he quit playing baseball when he was a badminton genius?
Also, I thought they were children without a mother, but suddenly a woman appeared and called them a mother.
But Yoon Hae-gang didn’t pretend to know her mother, and she didn’t pretend to know her mother, so I’m not Yoon Hae-gang’s mother.
I thought she was his mother.
However, the conversation between Yoon Hyun-jong and his mother shows that they are parents.
Ambassadors who worry about their sons come out, giving off nuances that they don’t seem to be divorced.
It was a pity that there were so many couples who were not clear enough.
I don’t know why I quit in the third inning and how I played baseball.
I’ll be playing until the 12th inning with a kid like a rival who’s been out of the racquet boys in a lot of questions.
Yoon Hae-gang is set to appear in the badminton world as an emerging powerhouse while playing a game that sparks a desire to win.

If you look at the character, Yoon Hae-gang, he tried so hard to play baseball, but his father became financially difficult.
I’m going to the countryside, but at first, I look like a person with a goal of becoming a baseball player.
But it’s so easy to change the sport to badminton that you don’t play baseball with just a desire to win.
I didn’t understand it there. I don’t play badminton on the condition that I play baseball.
I started playing badminton again, teasing them that they couldn’t do it, so I didn’t know why they played baseball.
I’m going to play badminton anyway, and I’m already a badminton genius in my childhood.
The reason why Yoon Hae-gang plays badminton was not convincing, and it was regrettable that he made it feel like a structure that had flowed because the racquet boys had to be completed.
The characters that fit the youth webhard will grow together through badminton.
How ordinary characters will turn into extraordinary characters is the key to the 웹하드순위 growth plot, so we should watch the growth of boys and boys.
Also, overall, the structure and explanations of the characters seemed distracting, so it would be important how to weave the dispersed characters to give the elements of fun.

Overall, I thought it was cute and tried to give a lot of fun elements.
As it is mainly about teenagers and they talk about badminton, I get the impression that it is a youth webhard.
But it’s something to think about whether it’s fun to keep watching, even though it’s cute and refreshing.
It’s different from what’s funny in the script to what’s funny in the video. Scenes that were read as funny in the script are made into real scenes, so it may not be fun in the video.
I think those are the key factors to consider when eventually creating a webhard. I think I put it in a comic element, but unfortunately, it wasn’t shown in the video.
But I think it’s true that it’s a webhard that you can watch while cheering for them.
I hope the racquet boys, who tried with new material, will continue to do well and the sports webhard will continue to try.

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