I was able to enjoy healing and experience properly.

Not long ago, I went to Jeju Island to see the sea and went to get a Jeju Island massage.

It’s the place I wanted to get every day because I felt like my whole body was warming up.

The Sanbangsan hot spring aroma we went on this day was the place where we arrived within 10 minutes by car from Yongmeori Beach.

Actually, I heard it’s the only Sanbang Mountain Tansan hot spring in this area and it has a huge building.

There is a Dolharubang in front of the entrance, so I took a picture of it.

The parking lot was good, so I could park my car comfortably.

I had to disinfect properly and wear a mask properly on my way inside.

I was relieved to know that you are still paying a lot of attention to disinfection.

When I went inside after disinfection, there was a spacious space.

The ceiling was high and the space was spacious, so it felt neat.

I was impressed just by how wonderful it was.

Using the stairs, we went to the second floor where we had to get a Jeju Island massage.

There is something to hold sideways when you go up the stairs.

I didn’t have to wander around because it was an aroma care shop that caught my eye as soon as I went up.

When I went inside, there was a bed in a spacious space.

There is a curtain hanging well, so I don’t know how clean it was.

We did 30 minutes of foot care first and then received aroma later.

At first, of course, I talk to the staff about where it hurts and where to proceed.

I decided to do the Jeju Island massage all over the body.

I heard that I can use the outdoor hot spring experience for free, so I decided to try that as well.

You can only take care of your feet for 30 minutes.

In that case, a 50% discount coupon for outdoor hot spring experience is provided, so please refer to it.

I was impressed by how cool it was when you pressed it hard.

I can hear the sound of coolness running all over my body.

Maybe it’s because it’s the whole body, but you did it including the face.

It was the same from beginning to end even though the force of the grip you pressed was hard.

Especially, I heard that many locals come to Sanbangsan hot spring aroma.

I was satisfied that I came to a great place because I heard it was such a talented place.

It was amazing how you pressed it with all your heart.

Thank you for paying close attention to whether it is cool or strong in the middle of the Jeju Island massage.

There are quite a few places where I might have been sick in this part.

It was a place where I could feel the right skills.

Aroma management might be a part of stress.

It’s said that it relaxes muscles by pressing that part.

If you do it hastily, you have to be careful because it can be more lumpy and painful.

But I was satisfied with the procedure with my skills and many experiences.

That’s why I felt sorry after I got it all.

My friend said he felt the same way, so I got it again on my way back on the last day.

Lastly, I could see how much you care because you do the pack like this.

The cool and refreshing feeling made me sleepy again this time.

When I got a massage in Jeju Island, the locker was well prepared.

That’s why I was able to leave my luggage safely, so it was awesome.

There is a place like Jjimjilbang, so we decided to take it together.

There was a warm heat inside and the coolness was amazing.

Lastly, we decided to experience the open-air hot spring for free.

It 강남안마 was held outdoors, so it felt like I was in a foreign country.

I thought it was a huge place because I grew up more than I thought.

The weather was perfect, so it was perfect to enjoy it.

You can experience not only Jeju massage but also open-air hot spring together.

I was able to enjoy healing and experiencing various experiences.

The clean water came in well.

That’s why I had a good time playing water with my friends.

The water was clean, so I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable.

There are many baths, so I went around everywhere.

You can even swim in the vast bath when there are no people.

It was like I came to a warm swimming pool, and it was the best price-to-performance ratio.

Thanks to the Jeju massage, I was able to sleep well so I slept well after a long time.

I really hope people who are tired because their bodies are tied up go there.

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