If it’s at this price in the world, this is a real Wangspurp place to recommend.

Today is the famous pub at Gangnam Station.
I’ve been to the Kingspub! Gangnam Station Beer Restaurant
There’s no place like this for a grass-sparoon restaurant. Why?
There’s a Subidhaxen plate at Kingspub!

Big-looking Kingspub on the first floor.
Those who want to drink beer, please come here.
The store is really big and pleasant.
The important thing is that the atmosphere is so nice that if you come here, you’ll find a restaurant that tastes like glue and beer!
It’s so good to play with. If you look down, there’s a dart!
It’s a very witty John who doesn’t envy the atmosphere of darts bar, so it’s a great place to have a beer, a grass wrap, and spend time with delicious food.
The counter Park has neon lights, so it’s a dreamy, upbeat atmosphere.
We’re watching from here. Wow, wow. You did a great job here.
I’ve been complimenting you. It’s a great place to hang out.

We’re going to start with the signature menus of Kingspub, Subidhaxen and Volcano Cheese Quesadia.
I ordered beef gorgon cream pasta!
First of all, I love the cost-effectiveness here. I was worried that the pasta would taste bad because it’s in the lower 10,000 won. If it tastes like this at this price in the world, Wangspurp is a place to recommend.

Cream pasta is very gorgonzola-like and the sauce is quite thick.
And they even give us steak, so it’s delicious enough to eat it. And most of all, the sauce is thick enough sauce is good.
I recommend you to try this.

I didn’t expect it, but it was so delicious. I don’t order quesadia from a long time ago, but my acquaintance who went with me said she really wanted to eat it.
But I ate more. I was surprised that the vegetables on top were so rich and fresh.
We’re running out of cheese, and this is the real beer snack!
It’s so good. It’s much better than pizza, so I want to keep eating it!

Come with your best friends, have a glass of grass and beer, and have a 풀싸롱 sous-dehaxen.
How smoky the meat feels, soft texture with souside and tight texture.
It’s too soft and delicious to describe!
If you really come, make sure to order. This is Gangnam Station’s recommended restaurant!
I can’t even tell you how drowsy and appetizing the meat is.
Can you see this feeling when I throw it away with a fork?
That much, the meat made in a souside way was the best because it didn’t smell like this and had a soft and deep flavor.

The garlic bread you made with me smelled like butter, so I wanted to eat more if I kept eating it. But it was too much, so I was so full that I stopped eating it even if I wanted to eat it all.
I really want to visit Wangspurong, a famous restaurant in Gangnam Station, and I strongly recommend it because you can eat, play, and enjoy with people around you. The cost-effectiveness is so good.

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